How technology has increased the dependence of people over the Internet


Our lives would be virtually unimaginable without technology. Technology has become too ingrained in how we live as people; it almost seems to be a part of who we are. Our lives are now simpler and more joyful as a result. It is the foundation of all you do and, like a human, you cannot exist without it. For instance, if I want to purchase anything online, I must first visit the site where it will be located before checking all the other websites. To getconsiderably more challenging when I have so many options available. There are so many websites that I’m not sure where to start or even which ones to trust. Because of this, it is really challenging for me to believe anything I get from Amazon because it feels false. I now comprehend this future issue after watching this brief movie. Nowadays, the most popular websites are chosen by users when using the internet, which is bad for their health.Technology, in my opinion, is causing more problems than it should. Because we become addicted to the internet and want to do anything we want, if we had made a decision online, we put off making significant decisions. In this manner, the internet becomes increasingly addictive to people.

Addiction is a side of reliance that is being exacerbated by our growing dependence on technology. Are you certain that you can remember our laptops if we use them first thing in the morning and then again at least two or three hours later in the evening? However, no matter what happens, your brain just memorizes it so that the identical thing might now occur again. I occasionally have feelings of depression and loneliness after watching a lot ofsocial networks. I always open Facebook when I need to concentrate in class, but if I’m feeling sluggish, I’ll first go to YouTube. I can’t take notes when I’m distracted by my phone. No matter what is going on, all these issues make us dependent on technology. Additionally, it gives us the impression that we have control over something that can satisfy us and provide us pleasure. I believe that’s exactly what technology does to us—it tricks us into thinking that having it makes us more efficient. We experience dependency as a result of it.

Addiction may have certain underlying roots, but everyone can see how it affects our daily lives. As I’ve previously stated, there are instances when we experience depression as a result of expending all of our energy on something that makes it difficult for us to focus. Since most of us don’t have the time to think about anything else, our only remaining alternative is to sit in front of our phones and watch YouTube videos. Particularly when someone is nearby and we’reWhen we are bored, it is quite difficult for us to focus on anything. I can’t recall what I was thinking about when the person inquired, even if he was asking what I was thinking about. Finally, he expresses concern for me due to my habit. Every time someone asks me a question about a particular subject, everything seems to come to a halt, he returns to his job, or he needs to check his phoneIn this context, it is referred to as “cognitive dissonance”.
Additionally, social media plays a role. We are excited to share images from ourWe frequently lose sight of reality when we are on vacation or when we are sharing other people’s photos. When such an occurrence occurs, staying active is made simple or easier for us, especially in today’s technologically advanced world. By publishing pictures and videos, anyone who uses Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other comparable social media can develop an addiction. These posts, however, are merely the surface level; their main purpose is to amuse readers.


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